Move With One Heart Songbook

Move With One Heart Songbook

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Songs To Celebrate Life's Journey

These 12 new songs will find echoes in the hearts of many searching persons. The brothers sing of their experience of continuing to become a community in the spirit of the Gospel of Jesus. The songs rise from the quiet and prayerful listening of their monastic life in the Green Mountains of Vermont.

32 pages
dimensions: 8"h x 6"w

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To view or download lyrics click on each song title.

  1. Life Is A Journey
  2. Never Forget the Faces
    of Those Children
  3. Live Fully This Moment
  4. God of Our Flesh
  5. Let Us Tear Down the
    Walls That Divide Us
  6. O God of Silence
  7. In This Time Of Waiting
  8. Hear, 0 Heavens
  9. Listen With the Ear of Your Heart
  10. Look Within the Wounds
    of This World
  11. Let Your Love Freely Grow
  12. Move With One Heart