Parting The Waters Songbook

Parting The Waters Songbook

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Songs Celebrating New Pathways to Freedom

"Long is the journey, wide is the sea,
our pathway to new life.
Parting the waters, call out our names;
lead us, God of our life."

God, the "Seeker of Justice for all", continues to challenge whatever would cripple our common humanity, and calls us to risk a new beginning. Like the ancient Hebrews in Egypt, our steps toward freedom will be carried forward by songs born of prayer, community, struggle, and hope. We share these freedom songs with you, songs born from our community's life and faith.

38 pages
dimensions: 8"h x 6"w

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(Includes Formed From This Earth)


To view or download lyrics click on each song title.

  1. Look and See
  2. Trust in God
  3. Like a Deer (Psalm 42)
  4. Sing to God a New Song
    (Psalm 89)
  5. My Word of Life
  6. The Humble Heart
  7. How Happy Are You
  8. Parting The Waters
  9. Fire of Our Fire
  10. You Are the Bread
  11. God, You Whispered at the Dawn
  12. We Wait for You, God
    (Psalms 130 & 131)
  13. As Living Stones