Wherever You Go Songbook

Wherever You Go Songbook

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Songs of Openness To New Life

With the help and encouragement of many friends, these recordings have become a way of sharing the faith, hopes and vision of the community of Weston Priory.

43 pages
dimensions: 8 "h x 6"w

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To view or download lyrics click on each song title.

  1. Happiness
  2. Unless A Man
    Unless We Are Born (Inclusive Language)
  3. The Dove Song
    The Dove Song (Inclusive Language)
  4. Father, If This Cup
  5. Yahweh
    Yahweh (Inclusive Language)
  6. Walk in the Shoes
    Walk in the Shoes (Inclusive Language)
  7. Anything Happens
  8. If Anyone Loves Me
    All Those Who Love Me (Inclusive Language)
  9. O Lord, Be Not Far
  10. A Light Has Shone
  11. Hosanna
  12. Wherever You Go
  13. O God, Our Father
  14. Penitential Rite
  15. Glory To God
  16. Holy, Holy, Holy
  17. Eucharistic Acclamations
  18. Doxology
  19. The Lord's Prayer
  20. Lamb Of God
  21. The Spirit Within Us
Inclusive Language Musical Notations