Christmas Songs CD

Christmas Songs CD

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Favorite songs of the brothers of Weston Priory
to celebrate Christmas. It is the hope of the brothers
that this music will become a source of peace, joy and healing for those who listen to it.

CD dimensions: 5"h x 5 5/8"w

Download of MP3 available

(There is no Songbook and no Organ/Piano Book
for this recording)


To view or download lyrics click on each song title.

  1. A Child Is Born 4:32
  2. When The Kindness Of Our God 3:20
  3. God Will Be With Me 2:56
  4. Deep Into The Stillness3:04
  5. The Goodness of God 2:36
  6. Go Up To The Mountain 3:28
  7. For You A Song Is Born 3:26
  8. Something Which Is Known 3:41
  9. Shepherds and Kings 3:35
  10. Morning Softly Awakens 2:44
    Morning Softly Awakens (Inclusive Language)
  11. A Light Has Shone 3:46
  12. God, You Whispered At The Dawn 3:30
  13. Glory To God On Earth 3:06
  14. The People Who Walked In Darkness 3:00
  15. Something Which Is Known
    (Instrumental Reprise) 3:41

    ►Total time: 50:25