Formed From This Earth CD

Formed From This Earth CD

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Songs to Celebrate Creation

With the courage of faith, the brothers of Weston Priory follow a Gospel way of life, lived in simplicity and equality, and in living contact with the hope and suffering of the world of today. The music of prayer has always expressed the life and values of the brothers of Weston. Their music has sought to capture each "today" of the brothers' life together, with roots in a living tradition, with hearts open to God's future.

As we celebrate our fortieth anniversary as a community, we dedicate this recording with thankfulness to all those men and women whose friendship during these forty years has enabled us to share our life and witness
with so many others.

CD dimensions: 5"h x 5 5/8"w

Download of MP3 available
Order Song Book (Includes words, music, guitar chords)
Order Organ/Piano Book (Includes Parting The Waters)


To view or download lyrics click on each song title.

  1. Children of Earth (Psalm 8) 3:37
  2. With All Good Gifts 3:51
  3. Walk Along the Pathways 2:44
  4. Who Shall Dwell in Your Tent? 3:36
  5. Those Who Love 4:48
  6. Glory to God on Earth 3:06
  7. Formed From This Earth 3:52
  8. House of Jacob and of Rachel 3:08
  9. God Ever New 4:18
  10. We Are Salt for the Earth 2:55
  11. O Healer of All Life 3:10
  12. Now is the Time of Gathering 2:51

    ► Total time: 41:56

Song Book and Organ Book Supplement:

  1. Wisdom Is The Breath
  2. Out Of The Depths
  3. Glory To God
Music For The Community Eucharist:

Setting: Like Bread in the Desert
     - Gospel Acclamation
     - Acclamation For The Eucharistic Prayer
     - Litany For The Breaking Of Bread (Lamb of God)

Setting: We Give You Our Lives:
    -  Gospel Acclamation
     - Acclamation For The Eucharistic Prayer
     - Litany For The Breaking Of Bread (Lamb of God)