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Spirit Alive CD

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Songs of the Healing Spirit

The community of Benedictine monks at Weston Priory finds that not only does "Singing makes you happy", as one of the psalms says, but it is a means of expressing
a whole way of life, and carries the message of
that way of life.

CD dimensions: 5"h x 5 5/8"w

Download of MP3 available
Order Song Book (Includes words, music, guitar chords)
Order Organ/Piano Book (Includes Listen).


To view or download lyrics click on each song title.

  1. Spirit Of God 3:17
  2. Journeys Ended, Journeys Begun 4:05
  3. Will You Take The Time 3:12
  4. Your Eyes 3:17
  5. Hand Of The Lord 3:00
  6. A Time To Gather 3:55
  7. Bread That Was Sown 3:20
  8. In This Day, O God 3:00
  9. It Is Your Name 2:08
  10. The Sun Is Rising 2:44
  11. Long Before I Know 4:00
  12. My Friends, I Bless You 1:52
  13. Spirit Of God (Reprise) 2:40

    ► Total time: 40:30

Song Book and Organ Book Supplement:

  1. In The Stillness (for evening/night prayer)
  2. Ten Antiphons
  3. Four Alleluia Antiphons
  4. Three Acclamations
  5. Happy Those Who With Their Hands (Table Blessing)
  6. This Is My Body